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Webyclip inserts the most effective user-generated video on your product page, article or website. With one simple widget, you get a video that converts and retains your customers.

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Partners & Customers

E-commerce:Higher Conversions

Why our clients are using Webyclip?

Customers on e-commerce sites want to know they are getting the right products for their needs. The perfect solution is to find relevant, independent online reviews.

Rather than making a customer leave your site to search for a review, the Webyclip widget brings the review in as part of your product page. Rather than hoping the customer will see a positive review, Webyclip tests reviews and optimally embeds videos that convert the most customers. Customers will stay on your product page longer.

  • You know the videos shown are those that have the most frequent conversions.
  • Videos are from reliable experts.
  • Providing video makes you look more professional and competitive.
  • Customers get exactly what they want, potentially reducing return rates.

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Increase the time on your website with video – but without producing your own video.

Webyclip brings relevant and sticky video content to your site, based on the content on every page.

The Webyclip widget scans each page for keywords and brings in contextually relevant videos from YouTube. Once the videos are inserted, Webyclip constantly performs A/B testing to make sure the video being shown is, in fact, retaining people on the site. New videos are always available, and Webyclip knows how to find the content that will keep your readers on your site longer.

  • Increases advertising revenue.
  • Keeps readers on your site.
  • Makes sure your site is always refreshed with the newest content.
  • Eliminates cost of producing content!

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Vloggers and Reviewers

Do you produce video reviews? Would you like to?

Through its network of ecommerce partners, Webyclip knows exactly what products need more reviews and where to place these reviews for maximum viewership. No fees, no catch. Webyclip lets you know what popular products are in need of reviews. You simply create your video and description and then let us know. We make sure the video is shown in the relevant product pages and websites.


Are you looking for third-party promotional videos for your products? Webyclip has the connections with bloggers, publishers and e-commerce sites to get your product reviewed and to get that review where it’s likely to generate interest. Contact us to find out more.

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About Us

Getting customers to your site requires a huge amount of work. At Webyclip, we understand the pain of acquiring a website visitor only to have him or her leave your site to find out more information on a topic or buy somewhere else.

Our passion is to make sure your hard work pays off. Once you acquire a website visitor, we want to make sure that you keep them by providing video content that will retain and convert each visitor.

We know it’s not good enough to have “any” content or “any” video, and that’s why we built in an engine that makes sure your visitors love the videos they see. We match up the best videos for the results you want. Whether your goal is to maximize the time on the web page or to convert the visitor to take an action, such as purchase or subscribe, we ensure the videos on your site get the results you want.

Our commitment to making sure your hard work pays off extends to content creators. If you spend your time making a review video, you want to make sure there are actual viewers interested. Working with e-commerce sites gives us tremendous insight into what videos customers want to see, and what’s missing in the marketplace. We can provide the market data that ensures your time is focused on making review and product videos that are truly in demand.

Ariel Semesh
CEO / Founder


Ariel is a genuine hacker and passionate business leader, bringing Webyclip from inception through deployment with a Fortune 100 company. Prior to founding Webyclip, Ariel held several management positions at Verint leading the development of large scale enterprise solutions deployed at the largest organizations in the world.
Earlier in his career Ariel worked as a software developer and a freelance white hat hacker assisting ecommerce and financial services organizations to protect their data centers.
Ariel is the inventor of several patents in the telecommunication field and had won the Israeli Ministry of Health Innovation Award for a pro-bono project at one of Israel’s leading hospitals.
Outside of business Ariel is an infantry Major in the IDF serving as operations officer in reserves and is an active volunteer at the Israeli police force

Yael Arad
VP, Business Development


Yael brings to the group over a decade of international business development and marketing experience in consumer-facing ventures. Yael is the first Israel Olympic Medalist (Judo, 1992), and is a member of the IOC Marketing Commission and the Israeli national Olympic Board of members

Evyatar Ben Shitrit
Co-founder and VP R&D;


Evyatar is a highly experienced R&D manager in the areas of web-based client-side optimization and server-side big data stack. Prior to founding Webyclip, Evyatar served as development group leader at Verint, and in development and management positions in several companies including Microsoft and Intel.

Alex Koltun
Co-Founder & CTO


Alex co-founded Webyclip, bringing with him 20 years experience in software engineering with a specialty in unstructured data analytics. He has served in senior positions in Verint, as well as in a number of startups, including Medcom (acquitted by McKesson) and Seaside Software (acquired by M-Systems).



Magma Venture Partners is a leading Israeli venture capital firm, dedicated to investing in Israel’s Information, Communications and Technology space (‘ICT’), including the software, semiconductor and new media spheres. We seek bright ideas at their earliest stages, and serve as a springboard for our entrepreneurs as they develop and evolve into industry leaders. Our goal is to enable a flow of innovation from the earliest stage all the way through until a company realizes its potential reach.

Magma’s partners provide decades of hands-on entrepreneurial and managerial experience in the ‘ICT’ field. We are committed to working with outstanding entrepreneurs who develop cutting-edge technologies locally, and together, spreading them globally towards becoming category leaders. Magma’s partners connect industry experts and investors to support entrepreneurs as they build successful companies that disrupt and redefine ICT’s future.

Magma Venture Partners prides itself in being a true partner for innovation.

Maverick Ventures

Maverick Ventures was founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We provide funding for Tech Start-Up Companies by high value investors from around the world who are interested in the success of innovative Israeli companies. Maverick.

Leading Israeli Angel Investor

Webyclip works for you

Webyclip matches the best user-generated videos with the relevant content. We scour YouTube for the product videos that go with your products, or the content videos that go with your published articles.

Using the keywords in your article or the product name on your e-commerce site, Webyclip finds YouTube videos with content using the same keywords, and shows the videos to users on the page.

Once videos are connected with the product or page, Webyclip monitors the relevance, using A/B testing to find out which videos convert more customers to buy a product, or retain customers longer on the page. It’s automatic. You never have to worry about whether a video is good or bad for your product; Webyclip uses the actual conversion and stickiness statistics to keep the best videos on your site.

You can integrate WebyClip with Amazon FBA Tools like Helium 10, Jungle Scout, Viral Launch etc. We recommend using Jungle Scout, as they are offering Discount on 2022 new year sale on all plans.

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For a your evaluation and details please contact us:

Abba Hillel 14 , Ramat Gan, Israel

+972 504250394 or +972 25671237